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Marísa Cotton is the President of Your Star Power Solutions, a Strategy and Operational firm that offers business start-up and professional development programs to entrepreneurs. She is a strategy-oriented business leader with a unique blend of operations management, human resources, business finances, and business consulting experience supporting the success of entrepreneurs and professional service firms for over 15 years.

With a BS in Public Administration and 2 Masters in Public Administration and Business Administration, she has over 15 years of HR and operational strategy experience, along with 8 years of project management experience. She is a tax professional and bookkeeper with over 10 years of experience in business and personal finances. She is also the founder of Everything Business Academy, covering Everything Business 101.


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What do you need help with in your business?

Business Formation

We help you to properly set up your LLC or Nonprofit  on the State and Federal levels. Let us help you to properly and legally set up your business the right way! We offer DIY, Hybrid, & Full-Service options.  

Business Foundation Building

With an unstable foundation, you will find that your business will start to crumble beneath you and overwhelm you. Let's talk credibility, operations, workflows, Human Resources/ Payroll, and SOPs.

Business Strategy 

Feeling stuck in your business? Unclear on how to clear the chaos and confusion in your business, let's talk strategy, let's get you some results and direction in your business.  Let's provide clarity to the chaos in your business. Let's create your 9 to 5 Exit Strategy.

Business Finances

An important part to running a business is your business finances. They tell the story of how your business is doing, where you can do better, what's working/ what's not. It involves saving money, filing taxes, knowing what you can write off and more. 

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A. Hayden

Just wow! I can't thank you enough. I feel so much more confident in business and it's success. I now have a game plan that works! She's helped me to double my income in under 90 days of working with her. And she helped me to get my finances in order. I can't thank her enough. 

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Q. Harinston

Timely and professional. Mrs. Cotton was able to provide me with fresh new ideas for my business. She provided direction on how to enhance clientele and a checklist to ensure all things are done to obtain business credit as well as an LLC.

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A. Clack

What a refreshing way to get right down to business with someone who heard my needs and gave me more than I inquired about. Marissa is knowledgable and is saving me money in taxes already! Thank you so much for understanding my business need. Marisa!

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We offer courses, ebooks, workbooks, & guides covering topics from Business Foundation Building, Business Finances, Business Strategy, and more, including courses around developing the True CEO in You!

Some of the Companies I've Worked With

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