I help entrepreneurs build, grow, and scale their businesses. I provide clarity to the chaos in your business. In working with me, my clients are able to establish, level up, and enhance their business foundations, operations, and offerings. If you are ready to establish your new business or take your existing business to the next level, then we should set up a free Assessment Call

Marisa Cotton

We can help you with

Business Formation

Business Strategy

Financial Development

Program Development

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2 Hour  Strategy Session

2 Hour intensive hands-on Strategy Session to help provide clarity and strategic support to an area in your business.

Star Power Coaching

Looking for help to nudge your business in the right direction and get it off the ground. Feeling stuck in your business and not knowing where to start or exactly what’s next. Let’s focus on 3 areas of your business and help provide clarity to the chaos in your business. In this 8 week program, we will help you to get your business off the ground and help it to get unstuck. 

Power Mindset Coaching

What's stopping YOU from the best YOU in your business? Sometimes you just need a push and guidance in the right direction.  Sometimes a fresh perspective on what's not working for you and your business and why, and identify key steps for both short-term and long-term transformation. In this 12 week program, we’re going to help you push yourself towards Your Star Power!   

Power Program Development​

Is there a particular area of your business that needs help with growing or making functional? Do you have a program or service you need assistance with building out.  Our goal is to help you build out or create workflows, operational strategies, and programs for your business.


6 Hour Hands-on Strategy and Consulting session. We will go through an In-depth business assessment to dig into your business operations and assist you with clarity and strategic planning initiatives in needed areas to help you succeed. 

1 on 1 Business Building

In this program, we help you Set Up Your Business, Establish Your Foundation, Operational Workflow Building, Branding, Marketing Strategies, Developing your 9 to 5 Exit Strategy, and Putting Your Strategic plan together for you. Sometimes courses and ebooks don't work. Sometimes we just need direct 1 on 1 support. That's where our Build Your Business program comes in. In 14 weeks, you will have a fully functional business up and running.

Business Formations


We can help you legally register your business and assist you in building a solid foundation for your business. We offer DIY and Full-Service options.  

Biz Groundwork Academy


Confused about how to properly, securely, and correctly set-up and establish your business. Looking for information on proper bookkeeping practices for start-ups or information on building business credit? Assistance with business plans, developing your business strategy, and more. Looking for factual and direct information and answers when it comes to your business?  Check out our Biz Groundwork Program.

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