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Are you starting a business but don’t know if you have all the answers to set it up properly?

Then join my 5 Day Business Set-Up Challenge!

Don’t waste your money with companies like LegalZoom and Swift Filings. (By the way, LegalZoom isn’t as good as you think.)

Join my 5 Day Business Set-Up Challenge and get the step-by-step process you need to properly set-up and legally establish your business. 


In 5 days we will walk you through... 

How to properly secure your name

We cover how to build your company identity

Steps to Legally Register and Establish Your Business

What to do after registering your business

How to get your EIN number

Contract and Policies needed in your Business

And… Branding Basics


Did I mention, no need for Googling links and websites, we provide the links and information for you. 

Join the Challenge before December 7th and get in at the discounted price of $37

Join the Challenge Today!

Tired of Googling the Answers to Start A Business? 


Looking to Establish A Business before the end of the year so you can write it off on your taxes this year? 


Looking for straight answers and direction on properly setting up a business? 

Don’t Delay! Join the Challenge Today!

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