Business Planning, Strategy, and Reconstructing

Did you know there is more to building Business Credit than just a Duns and Bradstreet Number? Do you know how to build credibility for your business to establish business credit? There are other major credit bureaus that handle business credit that is just as important. 

We have all the information you need to get started on your business credit journey, including carefully vetted vendors that you can use to start establishing business credit and help you get started. We walk you through each step using our DIY checklist or our Hands-on Hybrid program. We help companies get established, establish credibility, and establish business credit. We teach you not only how to establish business credit, but also how to keep up with your business credit. 

Did you also know that your everyday bills to run your business, rent, utilities, etc., can also be reported on your business credit profile? Schedule a free consultation with us today to see if you are a fit for our programs. 


  • Business credit is credit that is acquired under a Business Name. It is credit that is NOT linked to your personal SSN but to your EIN, which is obtained upon registration of your company by your state. Establishing business credit will allow your business to obtain its own credit score and profile that can be used for the financial backing of your company. 

  • Business credit is solely based on your businesses ability to pay its debts, and not the business owners personal credit. In most cases, personal credit checks will not be required. 


  • Business credit can be built much faster than personal credit.

  • Business credit scores are solely based on whether a business can pay its bills on time.

  • Business Credit card limits are usually 10 - 100% higher than personal credit.

  • Business Credit owners will not be liable for any credit obtained under the business credit

Human Resources Consulting

Building and Reinforcing the 4 Pillars

We help our clients strengthen the four pillars of their business - Purpose, People, Process, and Performance Measures - providing them with a firm foundation on which to continue to grow their business.  We work with businesses to help them focus on their purpose, priorities become clear. The right people create leverage for the business owner; they have room to breathe again. The consistent process allows an owner to focus only on the outliers, and let their team handle the routine. Results become more predictable. With performance measures in place, business owners know the engine is running smoothly, and where they should spend their time.