• Marisa Cotton

Why I Bet On Me!

On April 11, 2016, my number one man, my Dad passed. He was my main motivator in my career and life. He always said I would be great, but what great father wouldn't tell their child that. He always told me, the world didn’t owe me nothing, I have to get up and get what I want.

When I started my career in Business in 2003, I was thrilled to say the least. As I continued through school and got my bachelors and on to my Masters, I made a goal years ago to become a HR Director by the age of 40. However, I reached that goal at 34. Cool right! So I said ok... let’s hit VP by 40 then.

On March 30, 2018, a little over year after I hit my goal, at 12:36 pm on my OFF DAY I received an EMAIL from the President/CEO of my employer ON MY OFF DAY terminating me based on something she said she HEARD from the CFO. She didn’t call me and alert me of what happened. Didn’t wait for me to come back to work that Monday and speak with me about it. She didn’t ask me was it true. She didn’t ask me what happened. She didn’t ask me anything. Based on a conversation that was supposedly between myself and CFO only. No witnesses. NO NOTHING.

Mind you, they had just fired my boss 2 months earlier. My boss had told me herself, she had been there 13 years, and she has never had a director under her to enforce and make the type of changes and improvements I have to their systems and structure. Not only her, but many of the managers there as well. said the same thing. I was more loved than hated and they made it known. Apparently that means nothing when the people at the top don’t want you there. There’s a reason why the rear view mirror is smaller than the windshield.

At the time, my new born child was only 6 months old. I was a new wife (1 yr 6 months) and At THAT MOMENT I knew, that I couldn’t let anyone else have the control to DICTATE my ability to feed my child and my family. I felt hopeless. I felt lost. I felt defeated. Unfortunately it’s not against the law to be an asshole employer. And the lawsuit would have been a he said she said situation. I prayed about the situation. I talked to my Mom, (Not my husband, he was ready to shut it down) and I prayed some more... God said stop fighting, I have something better for you. So I decided, to BET ON ME!

I started back consulting on friends and other colleagues businesses, and realized, that I’ve actually gotten better at this gift. God gave me a temporary assignment (job) with more money and half the load. It allowed me the ability to work their job as well as mines during normal 9 to 5 hours. But God said, I said that’s temporary. He started making me uncomfortable. Since I’ve been off since a January at home (due to having my second daughter), I’ve been focusing even more on my businesses, and I am definitely reaping the benefits of giving it more of my time. Listen here, it doesn't matter if a million people tell you what you can't do and tell you NO! All you need is one YES from God!

God made a way... and I definitely started listening. So I had this skill, I was able to help people, and I'm seeing the benefits of the growth that I've helped them plant, and I'm like... what's next. It's time to take my skills to the next level. But wait a minute, that would require me cold calling, talking to complete strangers more, coming out of my semi comfort zone of introvert, like but noooo... I like my corner. So I invested in a business coach to help me crack that shell. It was the best investment I've ever made. I've always poured so much into others, but never had I poured into myself. With this new freedom from self doubt and imposter syndrome. Yes imposter syndrome. I was able to scale my business and start to help more clients. I've help clients turn 3 year hobbies into 5 figure businesses in under.a year. I've helped clients learn a skill from scratch, set up their business, their credibility, and had them looking and feeling like a genius in their field. I've helped a client take a small business as a hair dresser, and turned it into an empire. I've even helped clients fine their inner voice and their push, and watched them shine like a diamond.

I give strategy to my clients. I provide clarity to the confusion in their business. And where there is not business, I help them to create, build, and scale that business. What makes me unique in my field, is that I don't sell you products or services, I sell you solutions. Every coach is meant for everybody. And every situation isn't meant for you to fit in. Don't worry about educating and reaching the masses, worry about educating and reaching your audience in you niche. Narrow down your focus, and focus. Now you can do taxes and make candles too. But unless you are calling those money candles, they should never be presented on the same platform. You have to be FOCUSED!

So Stay Focused, and BET ON YOU!

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